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9/11 Essay on law - 1587 Words

The events surrounding the September 11 attacks on the United States of America have often been shrouded in a cloud of controversy and mystery, with no one individual seemingly able to apprehend the â€Å"true† details of the terror attack. Many proposed theories have been brought forth, the most widely accepted being that of co-ordinated attacks by terrorist organisation â€Å"Al-Qaeda†. â€Å"9/11†, as the event is commonly known, is simply one of many global terrorism attacks that have seemingly consumed the contemporary world. Thus, it is up to the acts and responsibilities of governments and legal organisations to undertake action in attempt to achieve justice and equality throughout the world, ensuring the safety of all people. Although, it is†¦show more content†¦At a similar time, Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, invoked the IV Article of the ANZUS treaty, as he was currently in Washington D.C at the time of the assault. The United Natio ns Security Council Resolution 1368 in fact also condemned the attacks, and displayed the readiness to take action against the assault on the United States. The United States of America experienced the greatest, and arguably the most significant, restructure of both governmental and legal proportions in its contemporary history. Following the suddenness of the attacks, the United States was desperate to ensure that an onslaught of a similar stature was subdued. Henceforth, the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was established, bringing into existence the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a department specifically concerned with internal issues faced by the USA. Primarily made as a direct response to the 9/11 attacks, the role of the DHS is to protect the United States of America and its given states and territories from danger; specifically, terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters; this is commonly seen in airports in the form of Customs and Border Control which are two functions of the DHS, following its subsequent take over of the IHS (Immigration and Naturalisation Services) in 2003. In the same movement for secu rity, the *USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 was legislated in an attempt to â€Å"detect and prosecute terrorism and other crimes†Show MoreRelatedPost 9/11 Law Enforcement Response to Terrorism Essay3265 Words   |  14 PagesCompare and contrast the pre and post 9/11 law enforcement response to terrorism. What strategies could be implemented to increase future law enforcement capability in countering terrorism? â€Å"We’re in a new world. We’re in a world in which the possibility of terrorism, married up with technology, could make us very, very sorry that we didn’t act.† (Rice, 2002). Law enforcement response to counter-terrorism fundamentally changed as a result of the unprecedented events of September 11th 2001 inRead MoreAnalysis Of David Rapoport s Theory Of The Waves Of Terrorism1744 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the significance of 9/11? This essay will argue that the events of 9/11 and the Bush led war on terror that followed, are extremely significant as they have created a new pattern for the understanding of world politics. Within this new pattern, the twenty-first century has experienced a divide between western powers and their allies, and some Middle-Eastern states. The events of 9/11 directly threatened the U.S. supremacy, marking the first significant terrorist attack on U.S. soil. As wellRead MoreThe U.s. Military Response985 Words   |  4 PagesThe U.S. military response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 signifies the most extensive use of force by any state since the Persian Gulf War more than two decades ago. Following these operations, many commentators have suggested that there has been a notable transformation in international law regarding state responsibility for terrorist acts. This essay aims to argue that such change has been significant and it has satisfactorily countenanced state s’ response to terrorism by presentingRead MoreSymbolic Speech : Freedom Of Speech1320 Words   |  6 Pages Freedom of Speech: To Kneel or Not to Kneel? Symbolic Speech: Whether tis Nobler to Ignore the First Amendment Introduction The inspiration for my topic came from our first assignment, the MTU Constitutional Essay Contest, and the NFL kneeling/National Anthem controversy. The extent of the public outcry and the divisiveness it has caused baffles. Kneeling during the playing of The National Anthem at widely viewed sporting events seems like a perfect and peaceful way to bring attentionRead Morehappy and prosperous india976 Words   |  4 PagesCity level Winners of the first Tamil edition of Tata Building India - School Essay Competition from 4 cities felicitated in Chennai †¢ Around 1.30 lakh Students from 137 schools participated in the 2009-10 Tamil edition of Tata Building India School Essay Competition from 4 cities in Tamilnadu (Chennai, Kanchipuram, Coimbatore and Vellore). †¢ The Tamil edition of the competition was held for the first time in 2009-10 in 12 cities across Tamilnadu where around 3.25 lakh students fromRead MoreBrianna Sparks. Mr. Zingale, Mr. Lehman. Us History, Language1685 Words   |  7 PagesExecutive Order 13796 affects herself and her family (Lewin). Our Founding Fathers established the Constitution, in addition with the amendments, to form and build the roles of our government along with the rights that citizens have. At times, federal laws and policies are debated by not only politicians, but also by Americans; their opinions are based on how they interpret these documents. Trump’s Executive Order 13769 is unconstitutional because the order selected the ban on Syria and the majorityRead MoreAdministrator Challenges Essay1182 Words   |  5 PagesAdministrator Challenges essay Kevin Jackson CJA/454 March 16, 2016 Professor: Charles Davis Administrator Challenges essay In this essay, I will discuss the functional role of the criminal justice administration in the police department. I will also describe what I consider being the major issues and satisfactions of that particular role. Finally, I will discuss if this course helped prepare me? If not, what might improve the course? To understand and comprehend what a criminal justiceRead MoreTerrorism and Moral Panic in America Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesThere have been a number of moral panics which have captivated society in terror and more often than not, owing to unfamiliarity. This essay will discuss the perception of a moral panic and will look at the case of the September 11th Terrorist attack against the United States of America, which triggered a colossal conflict of morality within modern day society. This essay will also analyse terrorism as a perceived deviance, the role of the moral entrepreneur and folk devil, in order to develop a levelRead More How a Bill Becomes Law Essay1153 Words   |  5 Pageshow bills become law in the United States. The procedure is operose and can take significant time to complete. The course materials of week three offer more than enough information on how the procedure works. This essay will, mainly, use the course materials to describe the process of how a bi ll becomes a law. The process of transforming a bill into a law requires the participation of both the Legislative branch and Executive branch of government. Before there is a law, there is a bill –Read MoreBanking Course Outline1060 Words   |  5 PagesCarleton University Course Outline COURSE: TERM : PREREQUISITES: CLASS: Day Time: Room: LAWS 3206 A – Banking Law Fall 2010 Department of Law LAWS 2003 [1.0] (no longer offered) or LAWS 2202 or BUSI 2601 Fridays - 11:35 am - 2:25 pm Please check with Carleton Central for current room location Sam Schwisberg INSTRUCTOR: (CONTRACT) CONTACT: Office: Office Hrs: Telephone: Email: Loeb C476 Fridays immediately following class as needed 613-740-1965 Students

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I Chose The Field Of Student Affairs - 2207 Words

Author Robert Fritz once said, â€Å"Too many young people are being taught to give up their dreams before they have any experience attempting to pursue them.† I chose the field of Student Affairs because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of students, especially in a transformative time such as college. Through my undergraduate experience, I have seen former students become Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Campus Justices, Emerging Leaders, Peer Leaders and more, where their influence will ripple to engage other future student leaders. Knowing that I am able to assist students in pursuing their dreams gives me confidence that they will give back to another avenue. My journey began in May of 2013 when Western Kentucky†¦show more content†¦At SACSA I present a poster session with my colleague, Ginny Durakovich. This poster session addressed the current issues of gender nonconforming students in a traditional college setting. Using Strange and Bannerâ⠂¬â„¢s Campus Ecology Theory, we identified key issues in the physical, aggregate, organizational, and constructed environments. Audience members were presented with possible solutions, and had the opportunity to share their experience in assisting students across the gender spectrum. The rationale for â€Å"Going Beyond the Binary† was to provide further support for students who do not fit into gender roles. These students often face difficulties in developing their gender and sexual identity due to the gender binary. This presentation prepared our peers, colleagues, and students to better assist all students in their development. I also had the opportunity to be in the case study with a randomly assigned partner. We did not place in the study, but we provided a solid foundation for our answer and I am confident if I was

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America s Minimum Wage At Arizona s Current $ 8.05 Per...

â€Å"A yes vote on Proposition 206, also called the Healthy Working Families Initiative, would increase the minimum wage from Arizona’s current $8.05 per hour to $10 per hour by 2017 and eventually to $12 per hour by 2020† (Rau). While the first part of Prop. 206 seems to be getting more attention in the media and form the business community, the second part will trigger the most disruptive changes for Arizona employers, especially small employers. Recent polling indicates that nearly 60 percent of likely voters will vote â€Å"yes† on Prop 206 (â€Å"Arizona†). With those odds, Arizona employers need to become familiar with these changes and prepare accordingly. In November, Arizona voters approved Proposition 206, which increase Arizona’s minimum wage to $10 per hour. The new Proposition 206, requires employers to offer paid sick time. Arizona, adjusts the minimum wage annually based on inflation. Meaning, the employees can set their own paid-sic k-leave policy. Non-Discrimination and Non-Retaliation, proposition 206 prohibits employers from discriminating or retaliation against employees who exercise their rights under Arizona’s wage laws (â€Å"Publications†). Labor supply and the effects of rising unemployment are considered when establishing minimum wage. Arizona, is southwestern U.S. state, is known for the Grand Canyon. In Arizona, the minimum wage changes every January 1st it is based on the Consumer Price Index. Consumer Price Index is a variation in prices paid by consumers forShow MoreRelatedMinimum Wage Should Be Legal1307 Words   |  6 Pagesconcept of minimum wage has been a huge issue among Americans and has really become a large discussion point among a lot of the political debates as well as the Internet recently. According to the United States Department of Labor, â€Å"The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. Many states also have minimum wage laws. Some state laws provide greater employee protections; employers must comply with both†. Regardless of the constant debates that occur on whether or not minimum wageRead MoreSouthwest Airline Strategic Audit11701 Words   |  47 PagesAudit Prepared By : Hesham Gamal El Din El Desouky Mohamed Dandash Wael Youssef Professor : Dr. Saneya El Galaly Group : 21-A Table Of Contents I. Executive Summary 5 II. SouthWest Airlines History 6 III. Current Situation 8 III.1. Current Performance 8 III.2. Strategic Posture 13 III.2.1. Mission Vision 13 III.2.2. Objectives 14 III.2.3. Strategies 15 IV. Corporate governance 19 IV.1. Board of Directors 19 IV.2. Top Management 21 IV.3. Corporate GovernanceRead MoreSouthwest Airline Strategic Audit11690 Words   |  47 PagesAirline Strategic Audit Prepared By : Hesham Gamal El Din El Desouky Mohamed Dandash Wael Youssef Professor : Dr. Saneya El Galaly Group : 21-A Table Of Contents I. Executive Summary 5 II. SouthWest Airlines History 6 III. Current Situation 8 III.1. Current Performance 8 III.2. Strategic Posture 13 III.2.1. Mission Vision 13 III.2.2. Objectives 14 III.2.3. Strategies 15 IV. Corporate governance 19 IV.1. Board of Directors 19 IV.2. Top Management 21 IV.3. Corporate Governance GuidelinesRead MoreQuality Improvement328284 Words   |  1314 Pages I Sixth Edition ntroduction to Statistical Quality Control DOUGLAS C. MONTGOMERY Arizona State University John Wiley Sons, Inc. Executive Publisher: Don Fowley Associate Publisher: Daniel Sayer Acquisitions Editor: Jennifer Welter Marketing Manager: Christopher Ruel Production Manager: Dorothy Sinclair Production Editor: Sandra Dumas Senior Designer: Kevin Murphy New Media Editor: Lauren Sapira Editorial Assistant: Mark Owens Production Management Services: Elm Street PublishingRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pagespermission to use material from this text or product, submit a request online at Any additional questions about permissions can be submitted by e-mail to Printed in the United States of America 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 10 09 08 07 ExamView  ® and ExamView Pro  ® are registered trademarks of FSCreations, Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation used herein under license. Macintosh and Power Macintosh are registered trademarks

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Looking at Eyewitness TEstimony Essay Example For Students

Looking at Eyewitness TEstimony Essay Assignment #2Article #17Looking Askance at Eyewitness TestimonyThe use of eyewitnesses has been a constant in of criminal justice system since its very beginning. Unfortunately, people do not make the best witnesses to a crime. The person may not have seen the actual criminal, but someone that looks similar to them. The witness may lie about what he or she may have scene. Also the witness can be influenced by the police as to who or what they saw at the time of the crime. The witness or victims memory of the person may have faded so that they dont remember exactly what had seen, which could be disastrous for the accused. With all these possible flaws in the testimony of witnesses and victims why do they continue to use them as primary evidence in criminal cases? The answer is simple; until recently there was no other way to prove whether or not a person was actually at the scene of a crime unless someone saw them or they left some finger prints behind that the police were able to lin k back to someone, which may have not been left on the victim but in the general vicinity. Until recently, with the recent breakthrough in DNA testing which allows police and investigators to gain an exact match as to who committed the crime. I personally feel that this is a much more reliable and accurate than relying on the testimony of witnesses. I believe through the use of science we as a society can now make sure that the guilty are caught and punished while the innocent are protected from wrongful prosecution. However the eyewitness should not be completely left out of the case against the possible offender. After it is determined through scientific evidence, in this case DNA, that the physically involved in the crime then witnesses can be brought in to give testimony that the offender was present at the crime scene or the victim can be sure that the accused was truly the one involved in the actual crime. Also the procedures for recording eyewitnesses testimony have to be revised. This can be done by increasing the speed at which the statements are taken by the police as to prevent there fading from the memories of the witness. Also police do have to watch that they dont influence the witness by making comments to them to favor one suspect over another. Overall I believe that a combination of witnesses and science must be used to fully determine a persons guilt or innocence in the eyes of the law.

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The Internet Essays (2083 words) - Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare

The Internet The Internet is, literally, a network of networks. It is made of thousands of interconnected networks spanning the globe. The computers that form the Internet range from huge mainframes in research establishments to humble PCs in people's homes and offices. Despite the recent publicity, the Internet is not a new thing. Its roots lie in a collection of computers that were linked together in the 1970s to form the US Department of Defense's communications systems. Fearing the consequences of nuclear attack, there was no central computer holding vast amounts of data, but instead the information was dispersed across thousands of machines. A protocol known as TCP/IP was developed to allow different devices to work together. The original network has long since been upgraded and expanded and TCP/IP is now an overall standard. The Internet has gone on now to fulfill a great deal more than it's intended purpose and has definitely brought more good than bad. Millions of people worldwide are using the Internet to share information, make new associations and communicate. Individuals and businesses, from students and journalists, to consultants, programmers and corporate giants are all harnessing the power of the Internet. For many businesses the Internet is becoming integral to their operations. Imagine the ability to send and receive data: messages, notes, letters, documents, pictures, video, sound- just about any form of communication, as effortlessly as making a phone call. It is easy to understand why the Internet is rapidly becoming the corporate communications medium. Using the mouse on your computer, the familiar point-and-click functionality gives you access to electronic mail for sending and receiving data, and file transfer for copying files from one computer to another. This flood of information is a beautiful thing and it can only open the minds of society. With the explosion of the World Wide Web, anyone could publish his or h er ideas to the world. Before, in order to be heard one would have to go through publishers who were willing to invest in his ideas to get something put into print. With the advent of the Internet, anyone who has something to say can be heard by the world. By letting everyone speak their mind, this opens up all new ways of thinking to anyone who is willing to listen. A very important disadvantage is that the Internet is addictive. One of the first people to take the phenomenon seriously was Kimberly S. Young, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. She takes it so seriously, in fact, that she founded the Center for Online Addiction, an organization that provides consultation for educational institutions, mental health clinics and corporations dealing with Internet misuse problems. Psychologists now recognize Internet Addiction Syndrome (IAS) as a new illness that could ruin hundreds of lives. Internet addicts are people who are reported staying online for six, eight, ten or more hours a day, every day. They use the Internet as a way of escaping problems or relieving distressed moods. Their usage can cause problems in their family, work and social lives. They feel anxious and irritable when offline and craved getting back online. Despite the consequences, they continue using regardless of what their friends and family say . Special help groups have been set up to give out advice and offer links with other addicts. Internets Anonymous and Webaholics are two of the sites offering help, but only through logging onto the Internet. The effects of IAS lead to headaches, lack of concentration and tiredness. Robert Kraut Doctoral Psychologist says referring on the subject: We have evidence that people who are online for long periods of time show negative changes in how much they talk to people in their family and how many friends and acquaintances they say they keep in contact with. They also report small but increased amounts of loneliness, stress and depression. What we do not know is exactly why. Being online takes up time, and it may be taking time away from sleep, social contact or even eating. Our negative results are understandable if people's interactions on the net are not as socially valuable as their other activities. Another considerable drawback of the Internet is that it is susceptible

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Research principles and practice of Cloud Computing The WritePass Journal

Research principles and practice of Cloud Computing BACKGROUND OF STUDY Research principles and practice of Cloud Computing BACKGROUND OF STUDY RESEARCH QUESTIONWhat is the difference in performance of different cloud-based DBMS technologies?RESEARCH AIM AND OBJECTIVES LITERATURE REVIEWRESEARCH METHODS, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUESRESEARCH PROCESSConclusionRelated BACKGROUND OF STUDY Cloud computing has become a new trend of advancement in the world of information technology today in which information technology resources are delivered as a service via the internet (Yao et al, 2010). From this, it is assumed that it is the newest internet-based technology. The increasing growth of this new technology coupled with it imminent productivity and benefit has made most organisations turn to the cloud. The reason being that most organisations can now deploy and manage their IT services via a virtual machine in the cloud, this reduces the enormous cost being spent on setting up, managing and maintaining previous local systems and infrastructure. Through adoption, the benefits gained from the use of cloud computing has geared most organisations now not tend not to only move their application services but also their databases. Hogan (2008) said in his published article on ‘Cloud Computing Databases’ that â€Å"Cloud database usage patterns are evolving, and business adoption of these technologies accelerates that evolution†. Also, there is now absolute control over data being migrated from internal IT infrastructure to external cloud. A framework that would enable organisation migration to cloud was proposed by Guo (2010). However, there are bottlenecks such as storage capacity, performance and ease of report generation when data is being moved from local infrastructure to the cloud. There is the issue of capacity when migrating data to the cloud (Stacy, 2009). How do we then know which of these emerging cloud-based database technologies would serve the desired needs and wants of various organisation plann ing to migrate their data to the cloud. It is in view of this, that this research would examine the present adoption state of cloud-based database technologies and their uses, analyse the issues involved in moving data (BSMS) from local infrastructure to different cloud-based DBMS, perform an experiment to differentiate performance prospects of the alternative cloud-based DBMS, present the findings and make recommendations on suitable cloud-based DBMS technology choice based on optimum performance level. RESEARCH QUESTION Considering this age of global technological advancement, the use of cloud-based DBMS has become a more viable option for business and research organisations. Instead of deploying and maintaining internal IT/database infrastructure which is quite expensive, organisations now outsource their IT services including database management to cloud computing service providers on contract basis. The full adoption of cloud computing services is imminent; and the awareness of both business and research organisations to which cloud-based DBMS offers optimum performance is what prompted the research question discussed below. What is the difference in performance of different cloud-based DBMS technologies? The scope of the research will be limited to testing the performance of three (3) widely adopted cloud-based DBMS technologies using BSMS data source as case study. Cloud-based DBMS technologies such as SimpleDB, and OracleCloud would be taken into consideration and performance analysis would be carried out on them. RESEARCH AIM AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this project research is to carry out performance investigation and through that means offer credible performance information on the selected cloud-based DBMS technologies. This would stand as a pedagogical material for both business and research organisation in the business of migrating to the newly emerged technology of cloud computing. The under listed objectives would serve as an aid to achieving this sole aim. To investigate what cloud-based DBMS is and its adoption: The will help to shed more lights on what cloud-based DBMS is and its present stage of adoption. To investigate how databases are being used in the cloud for business and research purposes: This is to enable all stakeholders especially business oriented organisations to be aware of how databases are being used in the cloud and probably there might be some specific functionality that will help enhance their business or research goals. To analyse the issues involved in moving data (BSMS) from local infrastructure to different cloud-based DBMS technologies: An analysis of issues involved in moving data from local system to the cloud would be carried out. Issues such as capacity, compatibility and so on would be accessed here. The BSMS data would be used as a case study in analysing this migration issues. To carry out an experiment to differentiate the performance of the different cloud-based DBMS technologies: A scientific experiment would be carried out to test the performance of two or three cloud-based DBMS technologies. The experiment would be based on testing certain performance criteria such as indexing, fast data query, report generation and so on. To present the findings and make recommendations on suitable cloud-based DBMS technology choice based on optimum performance level: The findings from the scientific experiment would be used to draw out possible conclusions and necessary recommendations that would enlighten all stakeholders opting for a move to cloud-based database technology on the best choice of such system based on their performance. LITERATURE REVIEW RESEARCH METHODS, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES This research would be delivered using a deductive approach which is also known as top down approach. This approach offers a deductive reasoning from a general point of view to a more specific one. Considering the fact that the research would be a performance comparison between different technologies, then it is suitable. Koen et al (2005) says â€Å"it applies a theoretical, actor decision framework to derive relations deductively using detailed field data†. It uses a water fall model design of deriving a premise from an observation. A hypothesis in form of a research question would be derived, an experimental design inform of an observation would be used to analyse the data and the specified conclusion would be drawn from the findings. Therefore, the proposed research will be conducted within a framework of cross-sectional research design and methodology. This research would be in form of a scientific experiment because a survey based analysis would be inadequate to test the performance of the different cloud-based DBMS technologies. The experiment would be carried out using the Scientific Method in order to obtain precise and accurate conclusions from the hypothesis and observation drawn. Considering the research question, an experiment which serves as a quantitative method of gathering data would be most appropriate to generate premises and findings that could be analysed to draw conclusions and recommendations to answering the research question.   Although, it is a time consuming method but it is relevant to achieving the stated objectives of the proposed research. Three cloud-based DBMS technologies namely SimpleDB, and OracleCloud are would serve as the specimen in conducting this research experiment. A scientific method would be employed in order to derive a hypothesis to give a clear description about the performance of each cloud-based DBMS. There are other types of experiment methods such as the Pseudoscientific Method that can be used in carrying out an experiment. In this research, the chosen method will be a scientific method which is more appropriate because it is the most productive and suitable for analysing the samples specimen selected for the research. It is more reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary for the representation of a real world scenario than the Pseudoscientific Method. â€Å"The Scientific Method helps to organize thoughts and procedures  so that scientists can be confident in the answers they find† (Science Made Simple,  2009). Alternatively, a quantitative approach in form of a self administered questionnaire could also be used to collect primary data. This research method is cheap, quick and very easy to administer compared to other methods. (Bryman, 2008) The quantitative questionnaire will collect information on the respondent demographic characteristics such as the age, gender, area of study, level of study, job responsibilities, and work experience. In addition, their opinion on cloud-based DBMS computing in terms of perception and adoption will be collected. However, this form of quantitative approach would not be sufficient in determining the performance of this existing technology as this is the sole aim of this research. This is due to that fact that, this emerging technology has not being fully implemented by most organisations. As recommendation for future work, self administered questionnaire could also be used to collect primary data on individuals and organisational opinion for adopting a clo ud-based DBMS technology. Relevant existing literature such as books, journals, articles, newspapers magazine and other acceptable and reliable sources will also be used to generate secondary data. These secondary data would serve as a basis of literature review and evaluation of cloud-based DBMS technology. RESEARCH PROCESS As stated earlier on, the research would be carried out using a scientific experimental method to gather required information. A dummy data source would be used to perform the experiment. The BSMS data would be used in studying and analysing the performance of these different cloud-based DBMS. The BSMS data would be moved into the different cloud-based systems. Series of performance test would be carried out on each of them as a standalone and a comparison analysis would follow using some criteria such as indexing, fast retrieval of data, report generation. Furthermore, the method of analysing the data collected from the experiment would be microanalysis as proposed by Strauss et al (1990).The process of microanalysis involves that the data collected will be coded into probable emergent themes which will be based on personal judgement and supported by relevant evidences. When a new data is been collected, the same method of microanalysis by coding is applied, these new codes will then be compared with the previous codes. This process is known as ‘constant comparison’ which is done when a new data is collected, it continues until no new insights can be obtained from the collected data. Consequently high level factors and inter-relationship will be abstracted, thus premises can be derived based on these factors. Conclusion The issue of ethics would be duly considered in the course of this research. Some necessary factors such as experimental condition, subjective interpretation of data and proper derivation of a unified conclusion would be taken into consideration. Other issues such as control experiment, data protection and copyright would be considered adequately. All the laws of confidentiality and data protection would be duly complied with during the process of this research.

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Operations Decision - Determine the market structure in which the Term Paper

Operations Decision - Determine the market structure in which the low-calorie food company operates - Term Paper Example More so, the Company intends to sell its products at a fair market, targeting individuals from all socio-economic background. The Company is different from its competitors because it sells low calorie foods that are very tasty and look good. More so, most individuals focus on healthy foods, this in return makes the Company outshine its competitors who sell high calorie foods. The Company has planned to expand its clientele by opening up other branches in nations such as United States, France and Spain in the next 3 to 4 years. Most individuals in the United Kingdom are concerned about their health, thus prefer low calorie food. Therefore the Company has an added advantage over its main competitors who mainly sell high calorie food such as Mac fries and KFC. The product is consumed by individuals from all socio- cultural background, and most buyers range from ages 20 and 55. In addition, women are the ones who mostly purchase the products, thus the Company highly concentrate on the female population (The Times 100, 2014). These are external and internal factors that may affect the marketing opportunities of the Company. SWOT analysis identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which are essential in determining actions or aspects that are necessary for the marketing plan. The Company strives to make simple and good food in a more sustainable way and at the same time meet its business goals. In order to achieve the above stated aspect, the Company ensures that it is able to balance the four major elements of the marketing mix. A service or a product will incorporate a distinct marketing mix. More so, the right mix will result to the achievement of the stated goal, which may bring about customer satisfaction. Marketing mix constitutes of four P’s, which include; price, product, promotion and place. In this case, the Company’s product ought to taste and look good